Who we are

Open EdTech is building a global NextGen educational platform. Our platform will be 100% free and open source, based on the principles of open education. We envision a future where education technologies are universal, easily accessible, learner-centred and future proof. 

The right to quality education should make intuitive sense to anyone. Education is how we pass our culture and our humanity down through time. The process and power of education is integral to our existence and any progress that we make. None of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals can be achieved without education - both for the professionals working on them and the wider population as a whole. Quality education is vital to improving and progressing our society.

Over the last twenty years, education technology has developed into a sprawling web of systems. Each institution, each teacher, each learner, all use a different combination of these tools. With no universal standardisation, these systems often do not interact cleanly within one institution, let alone cross-institution. If one company fails, data is lost. We need a fresh start, to use all the knowledge we have gained to construct a new infrastructure.

This new infrastructure will be massive, and is not something any one group can build. It needs to be a widely-agreed set of standard components that is well-defined enough to ensure close and efficient cooperation, and yet loose enough to support any major education scenario, and allow competition and choice to keep standards high. 

Open EdTech is currently forming an association in Brussels. Our association will be made up of member organisations from around the world who all share the same commitment to open-source education. Together, we can build the Open EdTech of the future.

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Our Launch Paper explores more of who we are and what we are hoping to achieve.

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